ChipBucks is an entirely new approach to alternative currency which is completely secured by .999 fine silver bullion. It is based on warehouse receipt law and comes in both digital and physical form. Rather than being calculated as “dollars” and “cents,” ChipBucks are denominated in “bucks” and “chips,” designated with the special character “ȸ” rather than a conventional dollar sign ($).

The decimal system that has worked so well for conventional money is employed for ChipBucks, in a very simple but very effective way, as defined here:

1. One “Buck” is a digital or physical bearer warehouse receipt that conveys title to one troy ounce of .999 fine silver bullion.
2. One “Chip” is a digital or physical bearer warehouse receipt that conveys title to 1/100 of a troy ounce of .999 fine silver bullion.

This makes it easy to calculate prices and values relative to the current spot price of silver, which will shortly be displayed in real-time on our website along with a simple price calculator. Since all commodity prices have historically maintained a steady average relationship to the price of an ounce of silver, calculating your ChipBucks pricing structure is amazingly simple.

We calculate our current price of silver by taking the spot price and adding a small premium of $2.00, so you are always getting a good price for investment-grade.999 fine silver bullion. This makes calculating prices in ChipBucks very simple. For example, if our current price of silver is $18, then an item selling for $25 would convert to ȸ1.39, which denotes one “Buck,” with thirty-nine “Chips.” This figure is arrived at by dividing the cash price by 18, which gives us 1.388888888. We use only two decimal places and round up, so the total ChipBucks price is one Buck, thirty-nine Chips—ȸ1.39.

Likewise, an item that sold for only five dollars in USD would convert to 27.7777777 Chips. Using only two decimal places, this is rounded up to 28 Chips, or ȸ.28.

The net result of this simple system is a return to the days when an ounce of silver equaled a dollar, or a “buck.” That dollar was divided into one hundred cents that were represented by smaller coins. Now that federal law makes it illegal to use privately issued coins of gold or silver (or any other metal) as money, we resort to the long-standing history of warehouse receipt law, which makes it perfectly legal to issue Negotiable Bearer Warehouse Receipts that convey title to an item or commodity stored in a warehouse to the “Bearer.” will issue physical warehouse receipts printed in high definition designs on security paper. They will be available in the following denominations:

One Chip, Five Chips, Ten Chips, Twenty-five Chips, Fifty Chips

One Buck, Five Bucks, Ten Bucks, Twenty Bucks.

It takes 100 Chips to make a Buck, and a Buck is equal to one ounce of silver. Simple enough, right?

We will also offer smartphone apps and QR cards that will function as debit cards and point-of-sale systems. Other features we will be adding soon are:

• A direct conversion method that will allow you to accept credit cards from your customers while receiving your payment in ChipBucks silver.
• A direct deposit function to convert part or all of a regular incoming cash payment to ChipBucks. offers you the most convenient way to hold silver for the stability and anti-inflation security it offers, while still making it possible to access and spend your savings when necessary. We will also work with some exchange services to help you quickly convert your ChipBucks to USD when you need to.

In addition, we also offer the ChipBucks Marketplace, where all Members can offer their own goods and services for sale for ChipBucks. We charge a low 15% commission on each sale, so there's a real opportunity to earn some silver for yourself!

ChipBucks Members can buy silver through us for a small premium over spot, or bail-in silver of their own. Membership costs nothing, and you can earn commissions in ChipBucks on every transaction fee we earn from new Members you sponsor, three levels deep.

If you like the safety and security of silver, then you are going to like ChipBucks. Why not sign up today?